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Bass Lake References

Bass Lake Bulletins (organized by year):

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Village Life 10 Jan 2017
New, returning supes on the job

Sacramento Bee 31 Dec 2016
What happened to that planned expressway through east Sacramento County?

Mountain Democrat 5 Dec 2016
Water conservation plan proposed

Bass Lake Map
Map of Bass Lake, proposed Bass Lake Regional Park, surrounding neighborhoods, and Rescue Union School District defined

El Dorado County Grand Jury Final Report Jun 2016
Complete Final Report

Village Life 23 May 2016
More sports fields on the way

Mountain Democrat 6 May 2016
Mosquito cell tower gets go-ahead signal. Bass Lake Hills Specific Plan also modified.

Village Life 28 Mar 2016
Commission delays development decisions

Mountain Democrat 2 Sep 2016
Measure E goes forward as written

Village Life 14 Sep 2015
School district to purchase second school site property

Mountain Democrat 15 Jun 2015
Supervisors set priorities for public parks

Village Life 23 Feb 2015
RUSD finalizes Bass Lake purchase

Mountain Democrat 18 Jun 2014
Bass Lake Transfer

Proposed EID Bass Lake Property Rezoning Through TGPA-ZOU 22 July 2014
Comment letter

Mountain Democrat 22 Nov 2013
Bass Lake still in play

Mountain Democrat 16 Jan 2013
EID to sell Bass Lake, Forebay ballfield

California First Amendment Coalition
Protecting & Defending The Public's Right to Know Since 1988

El Dorado Irrigation District Proposed Rate Change
Information about the proposed rate change

Letter to Supervisor Rusty Dupray on 28 May 2004
Regarding the connection between Serrano Parkway and Bass Lake Road

Park Locations Map
Showing parks in El Dorado Hills

El Dorado County Parks Commission Meeting held 1 Oct 2003
Notes from County meeting including references to Bass Lake Regional Park

[DRAFT] Summary of Scoping Comments and Issues
For the proposed Bass Lake Regional Park, issued at the Parks Commission meeting 1st October 2003

El Dorado County Trails Commission Meeting held 8 Sep 2003
Notes from County meeting regarding the proposed re-alignment of Bass Lake Road

Referenced Map of Proposed Realignment of Bass Lake Road

El Dorado County Parks Commission Meeting held 3 Sep 2003
Notes from County meeting that included an update on Bass Lake Regional Park

Scoping Meeting held 11 Aug 2003
Notes from County meeting regarding the future Bass Lake Regional Park

Executive Summary of Meeting Held 21 Jul 2003
Sponsored by the Bass Lake Action Committee with representatives of El Dorado County to discuss the future Regional Park

Information and Links About Asbestos
On the Western Slope of El Dorado County

Bass Lake Regional Park Site
Facts and Information

Letter Submitted by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife 12 Jun 2003
In response to the Notice of Preparation of a draft Environmental Impact Reports

Scoping Meeting held Jun 4 2003
Bass Lake Regional Park Development Project Environmental Scoping Meeting Record of Discussion

Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report 14 May 2003
For the Bass Lake Regional Park Project

Letter to Supervisor Rusty Dupray from local residents 1 May 2003
About the Bass Lake Regional Park site

Sample letter to El Dorado County Officials
Regarding concerns with the Bass Lake Regional Park proposal

Bass Lake Presentation 1 Oct 2001
Park Planning Workshop


canada goose
A Canada Goose takes a stroll along beautiful Bass Lake.