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August 18, 2003




330 Fair Lane,
Placerville, CA





I am a resident of                         a community immediately adjacent to the proposed Bass Lake Regional Park.  I have the following concerns about the proposed Bass Lake Regional Park if it is installed as planned.


Lights:  There are plans to install field lighting for a baseball and soccer field at this park which will be seen from miles around disturbing neighbors and wildlife in adjacent riparian habitats.  The people in this county support the “dark sky” policy.  The proposed installation of lights may be in violation of County Ordinance 17.14.170 Outdoor Lighting regarding nuisance light.  There is a potential negative impact on neighboring property values.


Traffic Impacts:  Bass Lake Road already has a high accident rate and must be upgraded before or concurrent with the park improvements.  Adequate sidewalks and signage must be installed.  The road must be made safe!  Over flow parking in neighboring residential areas must not be allowed. Restricting play to daytime hours will mitigate the noise issues from night play.


Zoning Restrictions:  The proposed site is zoned R-5, low density residential.   Neighborhoods adjacent to the site should not be subjected to higher impacts than those predicted from a 7 home subdivision.  The property is not suited for an athletic complex.


Serpentine Rock:  There is a high potential for soils at the site to contain asbestos similar to those found at the Promontory School and Oak Ridge High School.  See Open File Report 2000-02: Western El Dorado County, which shows serpentine rock on the property purchased for the Regional Park at Bass Lake.  The county must use testing for tremolite, which is a particularly dangerous form of asbestos not only for the users of the site, but for the nearby neighbors. 


High Impacts on Neighbors:  A Regional Sports Complex creates an unacceptable impact on neighbors in terms of noise, lights and traffic.   Neighbors have a constitutional right to protect their quality of life and property values. This may violate County Ordinance 9.16.04  Loud and Raucous Noises.  No one wants to live near a noisy sports complex.  Other communities have either removed lights after they were installed or not installed them at all because of a recognition of homeowner’s concerns.


Environmental Concerns:  Runoff of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers is harmful to wildlife in riparian habitats.  Large grassy areas needed for sports complexes use tremendous amounts of water and money, wasting precious resources.  California Department of Fish & Game has indicated there will be impacts to the birds by construction, perimeter trails, lighted ball fields, and noise which may disturb the Bald Eagle (40 years winter habitat) and other birds (e.g. egrets, herons, cranes, pelicans) and the birds will leave the area.


We would appreciate your consideration when this park comes up for approval.  Please remember the Bass Lake Regional Park will be our neighbor and it needs to be a good neighbor.







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