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2004 Media References

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 21 December 2004
Retiree brings activist knowledge to action committee

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 14 December 2004
Bass Lake Road, Serrano Parkway to be connected

Mountain Democrat 10 December 2004
Roads linked, traffic reduction hopes high

Mountain Democrat 7 December 2004
Initiative invalid, says counsel

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 26 October 2004
Living on the edge of the city

Sacramento Bee 24 October 2004
Stand taken by EID on 2 plans

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 5 October 2004
EPA launches 11 day test of sites

Sacramento Bee 19 September 2004
Growth, traffic on ballot in Match

Sacramento Bee 8 September 2004
Judge again blocks planned Hwy. 50 Interchange

Mountain Democrat 8 September 2004
County wins 2nd casino court ruling

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 1 September 2004
Clearing air over asbestos

Sacramento Bee 29 August 2004
Asbestos exposure found in El Dorado pets

Sacramento Bee 8 August 2004
El Dorado study urges sharing of park sites

Sacramento Bee 8 August 2004
Initiative puts plan fans on defensive

Sacramento Bee 25 July 2004
County balks at voting on map

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 6 July 2004
Locals want park report

Sacramento Bee 24 June 2004
Judge thwarts casino bid again

Village Life 23 June 2004
Bass Lake group concerned about more traffic

Sacramento Bee 20 June 2004
Approval nears for key plan

Sacramento Bee 13 June 2004
Placerville pool work gets fund infusion

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 8 June 2004
County tries to finish General Plan

Sacramento Bee 5 June 2004
Leaders want to draw line on growth

Sacramento Bee 3 June 2004
Drive for Cityhood gets a boost

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 1 June 2004
Letter to the Editor: Citizen concerned about Bass Lake, Serrano connection

Sacramento Bee 29 May 2004
El Dorado Cityhood deposit $241,000

Sacramento Bee 21 May 2004
Work starts on link to ease traffic flow in El Dorado Hills

Sacramento Bee 20 May 2004
Incorporation push grows

Sacramento Bee 16 May 2004
Supervisors vote to buy land for trails

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 11 May 2004
Letter to the Editor: Article on West Nile eye-opening

Sacramento Bee 9 May 2004
Project may get a ticket to ride

Sacramento Bee 9 May 2004
Board goes back to 1996 for a plan

Sacramento Bee 29 April 2004
El Dorado supervisors make cases for their pet projects

Sacramento Bee 22 April 2004
Mandatory recycled water use approved

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 13 April 2004
Digging for answers from EPA

Sacramento Bee 21 March 2004
Asbestos testing may get personal

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 16 March 2004
Bass Lake Committee holds breath

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 3 March 2004
EPA clears air on asbestos in soil

Mountain Democrat 26 February 2004
Mineral mayhem - The story of asbestos in El Dorado County

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 17 February 2004
Bass Lake Road widening slated

Sacramento Bee 1 February 2004
Concerns about El Dorado plan are aired

Village Life 7 January 2004
Grassroots organization becomes non-profit


pelicans at bass lake
Pelicans take a dip in the peaceful waters of Bass Lake.